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Created in 2011 by Macabre, Mortis Mutilati is a Black Metal band based in Paris and Clermont-Ferrand, France.

After a few demos, the band released its first album Nameless Here For Evermore, dealing with taphophilia a great poetry such as Edgar Allan Poe. That album was released in 2013 by Naturmacht Productions and the combo started to perform its first shows.

Atfer two years of touring a bit everywhere in France, Mortis Mutilati released Mélopée Funèbre, still under Naturmacht Productions, an album about eroticism and death which allowed the band to enlarge their audience to the whole Europe, touring more and more.

Now 2018, the squad decided to work on their own and parted away from any label, becoming a DIY band. They released their last opus so far: The Stench Of Death. Making the band growing once again and playing to the other side of the earth in Mexico.

The Stench Of Death was recorded at the Endarker Studio, Sweden, under the supervision of Devo Andersson (Marduk) which appears as a guest on the guitar solo on the song "Homicidal Conscience".

Mortis Mutilati its latest album The Fate Of Flight 800, welcoming their new drummer Aryth among their ranks.
The band is awaiting to unleash their new songs on stage after the end of the COVID-19 pandemy


Mortis Mutilati (demo) - 2011
Sombre Neurasthénie (EP) - 2012
Nameless Here For Evermore (Album) - 2012
Mélopée Funèbre (Album) - 2015
The Stench Of Death (Album) - 2018
The Fate Of Flight 800 (Album - 2020